The strategy of the First Step
Author: Milan Zeleny and Ivan Batka | Date: 07.07.2015 
Under the accelerating change, technological, economic and political, the long-term planning, i.e. assorted strategic visions, missions, numerical targets and other futile things that unnecessarily adorn the lobby walls of our corporations. The world around us is changing so fast, that what we learn today is abandoned tomorrow; today´s success can turn into tomorrow´s bankruptcy, and parents cannot effectively teach their own children. Nevertheless, the future exists and is unfolding continually – how can we “hit” her moving target?
Therefore, in prof. Zeleny´s Castanea, the strategy of the First Step was initiated. First, you plant a tree. Then you evaluate induced deformation of the environment, and plant a bush, perhaps; next comes the path, pergola, pond, etc. Similarly for your corporation: it is necessary to make the first step, monitor how the created environment fits the evolving economic surroundings. At each step we produce the balance between the inner (created) and outer environment. Do not be afraid of the first step! Every large, self-sufficient and self producing garden starts with planting the first tree…