Human Systems Management – What is it about?
02.20.2017 | Author: Milan Zelený

Human beings are neither commodities nor material or mechanical resources (even according to the recently revised ISO 9001). Using terms like “human capital” and “human resources” is the expression of the newly emerging political correctness, dominating some “modern” discourses in economics, business and politics.
Human beings are clearly not cattle or other domesticated animals, office automatons, human machines, robots or transportation vehicles. Humans are not the chanting mindless masses or crowds formed for the benefit and illusion of exceptionalism of many modern politicians.

Human Systems Management is about the autonomous and purposeful human beings and their interactions with human-created tools of technology and systems - they create it, but do not become it.

Humans also are not the “boots on the ground”, but hurting and dying soldiers – again, people. So are the veterans. Self-respecting companies do not refer to their “headcount”, no matter how many stock speculators and commentators refer to their stock. Employees are not cattle. Institutionalized resistance to change is not just “headwinds”, but an urgent flashing of the “wrong way taken”. Stock speculators are not “investors”, but mere speculators or gamblers. If you bet on horses, you do not “invest” in those horses: you just compete with other track bettors. Investing in something is an entirely different institution, far away from stock speculations. The use of such synecdoche is the new political correctness.

Human Systems Management is trying to renew and preserve the dignity of humans as creators and contributors to operations, processes, systems and technological tools that produce and deliver goods and services through business enterprises and organizations. Humans should not be degraded and held back to performing the work which can (and should) be done better and cheaper by machines, automats, robots or artificially intelligent servant systems. Living like humans is a mission of human race. Knowledge belongs to people, but crippling toil, physical overexertion and self-destruction of body and mind belong to the Middle Ages (people were just called “hands, wetbacks or rednecks” then), not to the 21st century. “Throwing a red meat to the base” is a throwback of democracy to the populism of modern political correctness - replacing human autonomy and dignity by mechanistic labels like mass, crowd, base, rally or a party. Such perverse “political correctness” keeps human kind in regress and away from progress.

What should travel around the globe is mostly knowledge, feeding the local AI servants, automats, robots, laser 3D printers, etc., to preserve the autonomy, well being, environment, health and economic flourishing of self-sustaining and self-respecting communities, working with their heads rather than hands, being resilient in resisting the new trends towards dependency, populism and emerging “new political correctness”.